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(Editor:James 9/3/2014)
2048 Game Guide 
2048 is a math puzzle game where players slide tiles from a 4x4 grid and combine tiles of the same value until they get the 2048 tile. Using keyboard arrow keys on the keyboard and swiping screens on mobile devices will make the tiles move in the desired direction. There are randomly generated tiles that appear on the game board with every move. The game ends when the game board is full of tiles and there are no more moves left.Now the game can be downloaded on 9game!  

The simple objective makes the game sound very easy, but reaching the 2048 tile is no easy task. Because of its simple gameplay but hard to reach goal, 2048 is often compared to another simple addicting game, Flappy Bird. 2048 is less frustrating but just as addicting and can be a really fun way to pass the time. 

This guide will help players understand the game more. Inside this guide is everything players need to know about the 2048 game. Learn the basics of the game and tips on how to easily reach 2048. Players who are struggling to reach the 2048 tile will definitely benefit by reading this guide to help them reach their goal in no time. 

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