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2048 VS. THREES!

(Editor:Tom 8/4/2014)

9game provided: 2048 has quickly risen to the top of the App Store charts, but let’s not forget the game that originally popularized tile-swiping adding games on iPhone: Threes. For the short time before 2048 came out, Threes easily topped the paid category for iOS with its addictive gameplay and personable tiles.

But then 2048 changed everything.

The gameplay is essentially the same, adding in 2s instead of 3s, but there’s a few crucial things that 2048 helped it stand on Threes’ shoulders and push it slightly farther out of our minds. Still, Threes is holding its own and has a few things in its pocket that a quick copycat can’t take. Let’s break down the best of both.

2048 strategy vs. Threes

2048 Strategy Is Beyond Addictive

Threes was already an addictive game. It showed us what tiles we unlocked, how many were still missing, and even gave each tile a name and personality. There is an unmatched joy of using all your wits to unlock the next tile, and you’re constantly trying to get there.
2048 is Threes on crack.

No, you don’t get friendly faces that say “hey!” to each other when they meet. What you get is a promise. The promise of that one tile — the 2048 tile — and all you have to do is get that tile. That one little tile. It would be so easy.

But it’s not. It’s easier than in Threes to get high numbered tiles. The first time you get a 512, that feels pretty good. Getting a 1012 tile gives a feeling close to elation. And that’s about where it stops, because getting two1012 tiles is pretty difficult. It is actually more difficult to unlock every tile in Threes, but 2048 gives you that clearly defined goal that gives your addiction the most dangerous thing it can — a purpose.

Threes Has Personality

Sometimes after a long day you just need to see a friendly face when you plop down on the couch with your phone or tablet. That’s where Threes has beat 2048. Each guy has a different name, personality, face, and even voiceover. We came so close to getting Threes sushi and monsters, but what we ended up with isn’t bad, either. Perhaps one day we’ll see an update that gives us a choice of skins? We can only dream, but for now, Threes is still the game with more personality.

You Can Play 2048 Free

This is the clincher for most people — Threes costs an elusive $1.99, while you can play 2048 free. Compared with Threes, 2048 is simpler, more fast paced, and more accessible, and it’s the #1 free app for everyone with an iPhone or iPad. You can even play in your browser, or play one of the indescribable 2048 variations.

Threes Is The Real Deal

Most people may not know which came first, the chicken or the egg, but we do know that Threes came before 2048. They developed an original idea in the course of over a year and developed a game that can last through the ages. Only six people have actually gotten the largest Threes tile — 6144 — and none has beaten the game. That’s quite a contrast to 2048, which, while still difficult for the average person to beat — has seen many more victors and even 2048 algorithms designed to beat 2048.

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