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Original and official 2048 now on Android!

(Editor:ADMIN 8/4/2014)

9game provided:Forget everything you know about 2048. In fact, dump any version of the game you currently have on your mobile device. They only version of the game that maters from here on out is Gabriele’s “original” 2048 that was recently on May 5th on Android.

original 2048 for android

For those of you who don’t know, Gabriele Cirulli is the 19-year Italian web-developer who created the viral smash hit and phenomenon. Cirulli created the game in only a single weekend, citing 1024 and later Threes as inspirations. Rather marketing the game for mobile, Cirulli uploaded it onto GitHub, where it’s popularity would explode overnight.

Until recently, Cirulli has resisted the urge to develop a mobile version of 2048 and the chance to profit from it. In a recently released open letter, he explained that he was uncomfortable with the idea as it was ethically wrong to profit from the success of the games he based his off of. However, after seeing and enjoying the flattering success of the numerous knock-offs, Cirulli had a change of heart. He knew letting go of such an extraordinary opportunity was something he just could not waste.

Despite not having a background in mobile development, Cirulli would go on to create a mobile application of 2048 in just a month’s time.With a little help from Phonegap, Cirulli was even able to improve the game’s code  and interface. In the end, what Cirulli developed was a much more refined and polished version of the game.

This new and “original” version of the game now features two completely new modes. While the classic mode remains, the game’s originator also threw in a much needed time trial mode. In time trial mode, players will have to frantically create matches while the game keeps track of the player’s moves and time played. Cirulli has also stated that new modes will later be added into the game through updates. In addition to that, layers will also have the ability to have their game’s current progress saved, rather than lose everything once you close the application.

For now, only time will tell if Gabriele Cirulli’s 2048 can take over the top of the charts from Ketchapp’s 2048. However, it will certainly be interesting to see if the game’s fans will rightfully buy into the newly hyped re-model of 2048. After all, we’ll never see a more official and authentic version of 2048 than this.

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