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Top 3 tips to winning 2048

(Editor:Devin 6/1/2015)

2048 has a gameplay similar to Threes which is also a strategy game.The regular of this game is sample, but if you want to achieve the goal is not easy. 9game will give you a hand.

It uses numbered tiles, and will combine two tiles with the same number into a tile of their sum. You play the game until you unlock the 2,048 tile or until the 4x4 board is filled with tiles. The recent update to this app allows you to continue playing after you reach the 2,048 tile.

Compared to Threes, 2048 uses a different set of numbers. It uses 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on; Threes, on the other hand, uses 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, and so on. Swiping in 2048 will move all cards to an opposing wall, whereas swiping in Threes will move the cards one row/column away. In Threes, new cards will spawn in an empty space left behind my your action; in 2048, new cards spawn in random locations. The new cards are also only limited to either 2 or 4.

The simple trick to getting a high score in 2048

By now, you have probably heard of this charmingly simple and fiendishly addictive online puzzle, built by Gabriele Cirulli and hosted on Github.


So how did I do it? A little luck. But I also have something called the Mancini technique. 

1) Build numbers side to side

Start each game by sliding left and right to build up some 4’s and 8’s along your sides. I tend go all one direction until I can’t anymore, then go the other way.

2)  Collapse upward

Once you’ve got a nice base along the side, swipe up and collapse some of that into some nice 8’s and 16’s. You want to keep this top row full of higher numbers that you can merge into the really big boys like 256, 512, and 1024. When you have your top row full, go back to the left- and right-swipe (this is the Mancini technique, named after my friend who came up with it). 


3) Focus on a corner

Now we’re setting up our base—that upper-right corner with the 64 and the 128.


This is where we’re gonna focus attention for a while.

Best of luck. Try to get some work done. Download 2048 at 9game and have fun!

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