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2048 Tips and Cheats: Corner is king

(Editor:Sophia 4/11/2015)
Do you know the puzzle game 2048? It's value for you to have a try. Now 9game gives you some tips to let you get a higher score in 2048!

2048 is based around a devilishly simple concept: using the arrow keys, you slide pieces around a 4×4 grid. Every movement sends the tiles as far as they will go in a given direction, and then a 2 – or sometimes a 4 – will randomly spawn on the board. Sliding two of the same number into each other gives you the next power of two: so, two 4s combine into an 8, and two 16s give you 32. 2048, can therefore only be achieved through forcing identical 1024 squares to bump in the same place, at the same time. The tiles change colour as their value increases, and for added aesthetic appeal the very high-value ones emit a glow around them.

This game really requires some strategy, especially when you get further along in the game.  

Corner is king

A successful play involves a pure strategy: Choose a corner. Stay in that corner. Do not compromise the corner.

As you start the game, pick one corner of the grid and direct your tiles in that direction. At no point should your highest value tile be anywhere on the grid but in a corner. In order to stop it leaving you'll want to pack tiles around it to lock it in place, so that when the rest of your grid moves, that kingmaker stays put.

Here's how the early stages of your winning round should look:

Build up small titles

Since you will get a ton of small numbers for a long time (mostly twos and fours), they should be your main matching priority. Don’t let them add up and take valuable space on your board. Plus, while you’ll be matching and mixing the small titles, you will automatically create bigger matches too as you go.

Reduce the number of empty moves

Empty moves in 2048 are moves that give you no match. Try to reduce these as much as possible because every move that you take gives you an extra tile on the board in a random position. You don’t want to fill up on those, especially when you start getting high numbers and it’s harder to match the small ones.

Try to balance growth

This being said, it’s a great strategy to balance your growth and not have one mammoth number and many small ones. Try to have about two highest level numbers at all times, ready to be matched, closely followed by increasingly smaller amounts, also in pairs and ready to be matched. If you get a single number to very high values, your board might fill up before you get a new one to match it with.

Although 2048 isn't the most exciting or visually stimulating game , it does provide some of the most satisfying pik-up-and-play action around.  2048 is fun, quick, and just distracting enough to keep you occupied for hours at a time.As a highly successful mobile game, it'll come as no surprise if most players have already given it a try, but those puzzle fans who haven't should definitely put this one under consideration. Need something new to do while sitting on the bus, train, or toilet?

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