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Cheat for 2048:Build Into a corner

(Editor:Sophia 3/30/2015)

“Help! I can't stop playing 2048!!” Have you been addicted in the puzzle game 2048? Beating 2048 might be far easier than it seems.What's the secret of 2048, The only one thing you should do is Build Into a corner! Read on,9game will tell you the reason.

Corner is the heart and soul of 2048,you can choose one form four of them optionally. That strategy lets you build toward a singular tile without moving it around and disrupting your ability to merge it with other large tiles when the time comes.

However,The key is to understand that this limits your movements. In my case, that means I should only be swiping to the direction of my corner -- that is, left and upward -- to merge tiles. Never pull in the opposite direction of your largest tile -- meaning down for an upper left or right tile and up for lower left or right tile -- unless you absolutely have to.  But In most cases, that's never needed.

The solution here is to move in the opposite direction of your largest tile one space and then up one space. Then you can resume the two-direction strategy.

The pivotal point is to make sure that you have four tiles in the row containing your highest multiple. Without that, you run the risk of having a low two tile take up the space next to your largest one, a chance occurrence that proves near fatal to a play-through. If you have only three tiles in the row of your highest multiple, the best way to avoid a disaster is to pull tiles towards your preferred corner until it has filled vertically, pull downwards to generate a new tile, and then immediately push back up. Repeat until you have four tiles in your top row.

This is because in 2048, as opposed to Threes, a new tile will show up in a random spot but is exclusively a two or four tile, making building new multiples extremely easy once you have the space to do so, but awful if it shows up next to larger ones in your top row.

There are exceptions to this where you'll see that it's evident you have an opportunity to combine tiles and move things around a little more deliberately for a more efficient progression. Meaning, the over-once-up-once strategy can be modified for moving to the right twice, or up twice, or any combination of those alternative moves to achieve a more compact board. However, early on you shouldn't have the need to do that as long as you keep aggressively pushing toward the corner, moving right and then up when necessary.

Have you get it ? follow it, beating 2048 will become easier! 9game hope you have fun in 2048.

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