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Top 4 Tips to Help you Get 2048 Tile

(Editor:Caffy 2/6/2015)

  2048 is the most popular and addictive puzzle game. It's simple to learn, but hard to beat.Here,9game share top 4 tips to help you get the score 2048.
  1.The corners are your best friends

  If you stay in the corner then you will have more of the main game board for new tiles that can be brought. Keep your tiles grouped in the corners and bring the new tiles into the middle area when you can. Then you can combine them with other tiles in the corners. You can start in the upper left hand corner and you can even make larger combos only by moving the entire board to diagonal or to the bottom left.


  2. Large tiles shouldn’t be your main goal

  You may feel the temptation to chase larger numbered tiles and to combine them. This is actually something that you should avoid doing if you want to be sure that you are going to reach the 2048 tile. Focus on smaller ones and do not worry at all for a specific set of tiles. In the end they are going to meet or you will create a new tile that ends up right next to it.

  3. Make moves where multiple tiles merge first

  If you get the chance to merge multiple stacks of cards in the same move then do it. Your main goal should be to keep multiple empty spaces on the board. This offers you certain flexibility. If you make a single move then you are basically replacing a card with another one. On the other hand if you combine multiple cards then you are actually creating some new empty spaces and this is always a good thing.

  4. Take some time to think

  Finding the best move each time is almost impossible. If you don’t choose the right move in a certain moment then you should not despair. You have a lot of chances to recover from a bad move if you manage to keep enough empty spaces on the board. If you want to be sure that you will choose a suitable move then you shouldn’t hurry and you should analyze all the tiles properly.


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